This work would never have been possible without the support and guidance of Prof. Erineu Foerste from the Universidade Federal do Espirito Santo. I am most grateful to him and consider this piece of work to be a collective work of both of us. The same is also truth for Achilles Delari Junior, Gerda Margit Schütz Foerste, as well as the anonymous teachers and pupils of the settlements and encampments that I visited. Special thanks is also ought to Isabela Camini and Johannes Doll. I am very thankful to the family of Berenice Miotto Rodrigues dos Santos for her great hospitality which I will never forget. Thanks and greetings also to Alberto, Veronica, Ronaldo, Philippe and Amanda! Also thanks to Estella, a young girl, who filmed the scenes in which I appear. Last – but not least – Maurício Canuto and Achilles Delari Junior helped me a lot with the translation of the film subtitles – which was just great!